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Hagan Design and Machine, Inc., is a full service electrical discharge machining service center that has been a leader in EDM machining for the last decade. Our highly trained staff combines over 75 years of (EDM) electrical discharge machining experience with state of the art technology to provide turnkey manufacturing solutions to our valued customers, some of whom also require precision CNC machining services.
Quick turn around in emergency situations!
Mold and Die Components

Our highly skilled EDM and precision machining operators have been manufacturing CNC machined components for many industries including:

  • Power Generation ComponentsPrecision Machining Operators, CNC Machined Components, Power Generation Components, Military Machining, Commercial Machining, Aerospace Machining, Mold, Die Components, Aircraft Engine Components, Medical Machining
  • Military Machining
  • Commercial Machining
  • Aerospace Machining
  • Mold and Die Components
  • Aircraft Engine Components
  • Medical Machining (Instruments)
  • Convoluted Fin Stock that is used in cold plates for thermal solutions
  • Aluminum Brazements
  • Cellular Phone Components
  • Electronic Enclosures
  • Packaging Components and Assembly

Equipped with eight EDM machines and cutting edge 3D Solidworks 2007 along with Mastercam version X software, we are committed to excellence.

  • EDM Machines, Master cam, Wire EDM, Machines.Two 4-axis wire EDM machines with high-speed threaders
  • Ultra-fine finishes
  • Tapers up to 30 degrees
  • Maximum cut up to 10”
  • Accuracy and repeatability of 0.0004”
  • Work pieces of up to 6600 lbs.
  • Maximum workpiece 80 X 50 X 27

Precision Electrical Discharge Machining Services!

Precision Electrical Discharge Machining Services, Aerospace Machining, CNC Milling, Welding, Engineering, RAM EDM services.

We specialize in the aerospace machining market, however we are fully staffed to handle all of your machining needs. We provide an array of manufacturing solutions including CNC Milling, Welding, Assembly and Engineering. We offer Wire and RAM EDM services and are eager to take on the challenges that many other shops are not able to perform.

Hagan, EDM Electrical discharge machining, Prototype, Precision machined, Machining Centers, Precision machined components.At Hagan, we are a complete (EDM) electrical discharge machining job shop, disciplined in all aspects of EDM, providing you with high quality parts on-time and at reasonable prices!

From prototype to production, Hagan ensures high quality parts, intense attention to detail and fast turn around times. Using state-of-the-art equipment, we supply parts to an array of industries that require complex, precise, close-tolerance electrical discharge machined or precision machined parts.

By adding two new (EDM) electrical discharge machining centers to our already impressive facility we are able to provide precision machined components faster than our competitors.

Precision Machining Operators, CNC Machined Components, Power Generation Components, Military Machining, Commercial Machining, Aerospace Machining, Mold, Die Components, Aircraft Engine Components, Medical MachiningHagan Design and Machine, Inc. Quality Policy

Quality inspections are preformed on each machined component before delivery using our newest purchase, a Brown & Sharpe Global Performance 9158 Coordinate Measuring Machine with motorize probe head and touch trigger probe.

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